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Santana Nieves - Ark Lift Inventor and Owner

I believe the Ark Lift Method is the most affordable, healthy, structurally-sound, sustainable, aesthetically-appealing and fastest solution to protect any home from future flooding.

Santana Nieves
Ark Lift Inventor, Owner, Operator
U.S. Army Veteran

Santana was inspired to help a close friend who was struggling to fix his home after it flooded a second time. Using his 20 years of home building experience, he created and patented the Ark Lift in hopes of offering a less expensive, healthier and more efficient alternative to foundation lifts.

“I’ve lived in Houston my whole life and I’ve seen the devastation flooding brings to homes and families.  The Ark Lift patented process will significantly change the way homes are protected from future flooding.  I’m proud to be part of the team that offers this alternative to our Houston community. 

Jason Ormsby
Investor, Counsel, Support
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Jason, a native Houstonian and real estate entrepreneur, has seen many of his friends' and neighbors' homes destroyed by flooding, including his grandmother's.  This led to Jason's involvement with Noah's Arkitecture and his desire to champion the Ark Lift.

Jason Ormsby - Invesor and Counsel


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